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Don’t have time to mess around? The Pathway To Success Business Club calls on 30 years of hair industry knowledge and experience so you can fast track your way to your goals.

Are you fed up of watching other salons constantly moving ahead, while you are stuck trying to pay the bills?

Are you wondering how other salons are attracting the right style of staff, whilst you

are losing them to the temptation of freelance life?

Do you wish that you could employ 50 people like you?

This is for you;

✔ If you are feeling overwhelmed with your business

✔ If you have been in business for a while and have lost your mojo?

If have a new business and need someone to have your back?

✔ You know that this is not a quick fix and you are prepared to make time each week to

work on the business club.

✔ Want to be part of the inner circle

✔ Ready to start implementing change from the beginning no matter how hard it may




Let’s talk about it:


Remember why you started your business?

Or perhaps you are thinking of starting a business?

It was because you had a great idea and wanted to do something that you love for yourself


But it’s not going the way you had planned;

• On paper, your business looks like a costly obsession

• You are the busiest person in the salon

• You keep losing staff to other salons or to freelance?

• You feel like giving up and what felt like a passion now feels like a weight around

your shoulders


You have all the right ingredients but where are the clients?

You have the years of training, experience, you have a salon that you are proud of, you

are the expert and you are talented.

You have built it but they have not come.

You are letting the self-doubt creep in, you are thinking this can’t be worth it. You're

overwhelmed, confused and feel alone.

What do you get?


✔ You will gain access to my 10 essential modules.

✔ 30-minute coaching call from me where we will set your goals for the


✔ Access to the Pathway to Success closed facebook group

✔ Printable assets for planning social media and emails

✔ Cheat sheets

✔ Seminar discounts

✔ Access to ME to answer questions via the facebook group

✔ Welcome pack from Wonderful Brands


Sounds like you?

Sounds expensive? Not at all! This is less than 1 clients bill per month!

This Business club will allow you to transform your business from day 1, allowing you to

reach your goals quickly.

• You pay a low investment of £750 for the 10 months or pay upfront and get a 1 month

free bringing your investment to £675.

• You get the links and all the videos and workbooks sent toy via email

• Join the facebook group to gain access to me and your fellow hair entrepreneurs

• You get access to all the materials forever so you can go back review and reference in the future.

Heading 4

Together we can do this, you are not on your own anymore.

You have found someone who wants you to succeed as much as I do.

You have found someone that has been there, I get it and I can help you to get where you want to be.


Your Goals

• Let’s take a deep dive into your brand and find out what you want to get from your business

• Be honest about the lifestyle you desire

• Allow you to dream big and believe what is possible for you


Creating Your Vision

• Learn how to take your goals and bring them to life, anyone can build a vision board but not everyone gets results!

• How to create the right mindset and get rid of those limiting beliefs


What’s your why

• Developing an understanding of your motivation

• Why are you attracting the type of clients you have at the moment?

• Learn how to strengthen your beliefs


Your Ideal client

• Clarify your idea client, get to know them and know why you are the best person for them

• Connect with your ideal client so you know what they need

• Learn to speak their language so they instantly relate to you, your salon and your team

• Learn how to attract ideal clients for your salon


Your Ideal Team

• How to identify the perfect recruit

• Build a team that is on the same page as you

• How to build a new way of working for the team to allow better staff retention

• How to increase staff motivation


Your Services

• What are you known for?

• How can you develop this into services that your ideal client will need?

• Start to charge what you are worth

• Offer services that attract new clients


Your Branding

• Get clear on what your brand is and how you are portraying it

• Bring your personality out into the brand

• Develop a brand that you are proud of and that your clients will love to recommend

• Style your business so you become easily recognisable

• Create a clear and cohesive brand across everything that you do


Your Clients

• Find ways of extending the client journey after their visit

• Build a list of engaged followers where are excited to receive your content

• Build a sales funnel to automate your business so you're not tied to the computer everyday


Your Communications

• Create communications to your clients across all platforms

• Learn how to create sales funnels that keep your clients connected to you

• Map out content so you are not scratching your head about what to post about

• Learn how to drive people to your website through Pinterest

• What really matters to your business on social media


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