I am lucky enough to work with such wonderful people and blessed to have such lovely words written about me.


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I’ve worked with Jo for ten years. It’s been a decade of ideas and projects. To unscramble the mind of a creative and turn the concepts into something interesting, organised and valuable for hairdressers is a unique talent. It is a talent that Jo has like no other. She has encouraged and motivated me. Often taking my random thoughts for the future of hair and blended with her own created something fresh for the industry.

We have designed education and hair concepts together. We have styled hair on global campaigns together. I feel she has had the ability to nurture creative talent and bring out the best in stylists including myself as well as being a wonderful hairdresser herself.

- Zoë Irwin


Jo has played an integral part of my career success, not only as one of the leaders whilst I was working with ghd, but also on a personal level she has the ability to forecast lifestyle changes and how they will impact the industry and make changes accordingly.

Not only that but she has a genuine care for the self-development of others which I have witnessed first hand. Now is a fantastic mentor and innovator and this new concept is excited for everyone involved, it’s exactly what we needed.

- Leighanne Regan - RE:NU Hair


"I began working with Jo six years ago when she gave me my first opportunity to assist at London Fashion Week.

"Since then, Jo has been one of the biggest influences on my career, selecting me for the ghd Art team, giving me the chance to speak on-stage at Salon International, offering me the chance to teach my own course on red carpet hair and working as a team to produce imagery for the global ghd education programme.

"Jo is someone who believes in people, who relishes nurturing new talent and who helps hairdressers to make their first steps in evolving their career."

- Patrick Wilson


“I have known Jo for over 9 years and have found her to be an unassuming and quality educator. Through her personal approach, she is fantastic at nurturing talent and getting students to identify their key skills for success. Her introduction of the Hair Agency is groundbreaking and a new way forward for promoting high-quality education to be delivered to our every changing industry.”

- Carolyn Newman, International Colour Educator and Expert 


Jo Robertson is a hair educator who throughout the 10 years I have known has always pushed the boundaries and led the way in developing and delivering education programmes that land clear messages that stylists and salon owners learn from.

Over this decade Jo was always able to spot the changes in the salon industry from trends to the increasing use of technology and social media and find ways to bring these into brand and salon education.

The Jo Robertson Hair Agency is the culmination of everything Jo has learnt and I really believe she has captured the zeitgeist and over the coming years, we will see Jo and her team lead the way in which stylists learn and brands deliver education to hairdressers.

- Andy Campling & Nick Higgins

Wonderful brands


Jo’s ability to connect and inspire my team in South Africa with a clear vision and strategy that was easy to follow and implement was the best I’ve seen from a Global Head of Education.

When she was in Country, she connected very genuinely with our salon partners/stylists and her education stage work is still talked about months/ years later as a highlight for ghd education in South Africa.

Her focus on social media and how to be relevant and heard has set the foundation as a key builder in many of our relationships with our key salon partners.

Jo was a keynote speaker for our influencer event in Cape Town and the buzz and excitement generated was immense.

Taking all her experiences from working in a salon to leading educational trends/thinking via a global platform for ghd is the perfect grounding for the next step, where she will get to share her insights, knowledge and passion with more salons and stylists than ever before.   

- David Bolon – Managing director – ghd South Africa


Today has been so informative and every scale but mainly to me it helped me to have the knowledge to refine my education that I will be delivering. My bio will also take a new direction now. Absolutely great day, I've learned so much more than I thought. Thanks Jo x

 - Lisa Carter Education 101 Seminar


I was really looking forward to this course and I have just started my journey in the world of education. This course was a great start to clear my thoughts on how are you achieve my goals I feel confident, motivated and can't wait to put myself out there. 

Thanks that everything Jo!

- Victoria Toth Education 101 Seminar


Very constructive and straight to the point, easy to understand, education content modular breakdown very easy to follow. Like the reminder email to I'm coming this when booking thank you Jo x

- Antonia Pastore


Informative inspiring and interactive. As a small group it was personal I was able to share passion of industry with other creatives. I am now more focused on what I'm trying to achieve within the education both in the salon, branding, staff and within masterclasses for freelancers.

Thanks so much Jo x

- Stacey Callier Education 101 Seminar


Very informative and the handouts were really useful for the continuing to learn after the course. Jo really puts in the effort for all the little things I felt really comfortable and felt I learnt a lot from today to go ahead and start planning my education courses with the help of the hair agency.

Rianna Henry


A fantastic opportunity to set goals and plan education and to organise my ideas in one place taught me so much about formative stages of getting my education care off the ground and how to make it right. I feel so much more confident and ready to get planning!

- Shelly Sumner Education 101 Seminar



Had a fantastic day with Jo. So so helpful and learnt a lot. Can’t wait to get back to the salon and put it all into practice. X 

-James Holroyd Education 101 Seminar















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