Adapt or get out!

Week 2 over in my new journey, honestly I can’t believe how quickly the week as gone. I am getting over the guilt of not getting up at 6 am and have to say that I feel so much more relaxed not being time-bound. There does seem to be little jealously from my husband each morning!

One of my reasons for stepping away from my role was to allow me to have more quality time and the other (without dressing this up) was my mental health. I took me a while to realise that sometimes it was not the job that changed, it was me. If you are in a good place, you are able to adapt to change and take on new projects, but I was not. I did not realise it and it took a few stern conversations with my husband for me to see it.

So this weeks blog is looking at change and how to adapt or get out. If you were to ask yourself why are you doing what you are doing. Could you answer? I am not talking about describing your job role, I am talking about why you wanted to do the job in the first place. What are your strengths? What made you look at the job advertisement and think yes this is me! Or if you have a business, why did you want to do it? What was the one reason you thought you could make a difference?

You may have taken a job for personal reasons or for progression? If you can’t remember “your why” you need to stop, breathe and perhaps take some time to think about the below and write your answers down. Writing it down will allow you to assess and make things happen.

Write down a success from last year. What made you smile?Add something that you were grateful for last year.Why did you take your last job?

Everyone views success in different ways. For me, I was very ambitious as a young hairdresser and always looking for the next thing. There is nothing wrong in this, I just did not spend the time to be grateful. My ambition drove my career and I forgot what I loved.

Finally, you need to have a word for the year and constantly ask yourself if you’re achieving your word. My word is grateful, I’m going to celebrate what makes me happy and enjoy the moment.

You may just need to refocus your career, I promise you will feel better!

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