Are curls the new business builder for salons?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Is curly the new straight?

Having naturally curly hair myself I have never felt blessed and to a point I would be embarrassed by my curls, I would never where them out in public and never to work. I read an article stating that women in business with naturally curly hair do not climb the career ladder as men don't take them seriously. I don't know if this is true but I did identify with it.

In my new business I am working with different brands and a few months ago my friends at Wonderful Brands introduced me to a new product called Ouidad (soon to be coming to the UK). This is brand is based in America and has a holistic approach to naturally curly hair. To work with a brand you need to understand it and their ideal clients, which led me to rediscovering my curly hair.

I am documenting my journey in a new Instagram page called "The Curl Goddess" you will get to see my journey with Ouidad along with my personal hair story.

Back to curls and business, from my training in New York I have discovered there is a whole curl community that is out there which salons are not catering for. The reason I hated my hair when I left it curly was because it was cut for straight hair. There is a massive difference to cutting curly 'V' straight hair. Firstly there are so many different curl patterns on the hair, you need to address each curl different and may use a different cutting technique for each type. This whole new world is fascinating to me and so refreshing to be actually transforming hair textures.

More retail opportunities

Curly hair needs hydration which means layering many products on the hair daily, they don't wash their hair as much but the do Co wash. Curly girls purchase twice the amount of products than straight curls. This is a massive opportunity for salons to tap into a new loyal clientele . If this feels like a foreign in language don't worry you can receive curl training in a session called Ouidad Curl Lab.

How many of your clients have curly hair and wish they could find a solution? I bet you this is more than you think! I am on a mission for women to feel that they can wear their curly hair without judgment.

Ask your clients this week and let me know, there is an exciting curly world out their and clients that are wanting it!

Don't forget to follow my curl journey on Instagram and get in contact if you would like to become a curl specialist in your area.


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