Hair Agency launch party

I had a party…… Thanks to everyone that made the event, if you didn’t this is what it was all about!

A quick thank you. Thank you to Lacy and Hunter Collective for allowing me this space and of course my wonderful husband Andy for believing in me to take this enormous step into the unknown. 

You may wonder why I left a job I loved? For many years this was my dream role but as time goes on, I believe that our opinions and goals shift and this is what happened to me. I’m a hairdresser, I am not going to jazz that up anymore. I love working with people, I  love helping people to solve their problems. Whether that is with a cut, colour or their business, basically I wanted to get back to my industry and get back with the hairdressers again.

I have been fortunate to travel with work and found myself really intrigued with the evolving industry. I started to see that although we are a progressive industry we are very reluctant to make changes to our core salon working practices. In a recent survey I did I found that one of the largest issues that salons are going through is staff retention. I know this is no surprise but it got me thinking about the why.

Why are they leaving the salon? Why are we not attracting young people into the industry? And why is there this shift?

A new generation needs new rules,  remember when you were younger and your parents may have said “I don’t understand you” or  “This is not the way it should be done” They may have said something about this new generation! Do you know what….. nothing has changed because we have another generation going through and these are no afraid of following their dreams. They won’t do something which is expected, they are less likely to conform.

So why are salon owners trying to fit them into a system that is out dated? My new business is about helping salon owners to find their WHY and to help them find a WHAT and give them the HOW! The solution is always around you but you just have to be open to receive it. Talking of breaking the mould this nicely links me to the my New Hair Agency.

Continuing the theme of New generation needs new rules, the shift in education is gathering speed. Having so much free education on social media the new hairdressing rock star’s are back! Salons and stylists are looking for inspirational hairstylists to teach them, these people are not necessarily with brands but they had nowhere to show their skills apart from Instagram and realistically who can you get seen?

The Hair Agency is a platform for Freelance educators and salons to share their skills and gain work. If you would like to know more about the Hair Agency you can find it here

Thank you to Kent Brushes and Wonderful Brands for supplying the amazing goodies in the bags. There were standard dramas, we missed the last train home, I left my phone at Hunter Collective, but that’s a party!


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