It's all about your team

Whenever I talk to salon owners, one of the first things they say is a problem is finding team and I hear you!

I was really lucky with my team when I had a salon, but this has got me thinking about if this was luck or part of the plan.

When you are designing your business, spending time on team values and a code of conduct will allow you to attract the right type of team. Plus any existing team will feel like they have boundaries and that they can work with you in a shared vision.

Start with yourself, what would make you want to work in your salon? Write a list that would be your ideal job.

  • What type of team do you want to surround yourself with?

  • What is type of training do you provide them?

  • Is there individual/team rewards?

  • Do the stylists have the ability to earn more money?

  • Do you give your team reviews and set personal targets? This will allow they to feel like they are appreciated and heard.

  • How to you have fun together?

  • Do you hold any team building activities?

  • What opportunities are there to grow in your salon? This can be taking a more active role in training apprentices for instance

Would you want to stay in a job that was just a job? You turn up, you cut hair and you leave? Your team are your work family and they need to feel loved, appreciated, connected and that they belong.

What happens if you have have the wrong type of team members?

Left to their own devices they can turn a happy to salon to a salon with a toxic culture. Never ignore your staff room terrorist. We have all had them and the longer you let them gain strength and numbers, the harder it is to get rid of them.

Your have two options here, you either inspire them and get them on your side or get rid of them but the worst thing you can do is ignore them. It may feel really painful now but it will be the best thing for you and the salon.

Here is my advise;

1. Spend time with your team and coach them, train them, listen to them.

2. Have systems and processes in place to allow your team to have boundaries

3. Create a company vision that everyone can work to

4. Have clear roles and responsibilities so no-one is confused about what is expected of them

5. Have fun, we are a long time at work, make sure its enjoyable!


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