Let Curls Be Curls

I now notice texture everywhere, curls that need moisture or curly girls that don't know how to cope!

It's strange to think that I was I have grown up with curls but never really known them. I am referring to them in a third party as I know they don't belong to me. We have entered a new relationship where I listen to what they need. You may think I have perhaps had one to many gins on my holidays but no this is a true story....

On most holidays I have been on, I have dreaded the evening battle of my hair.

Do I blow dry it straight? Leave it curl and run the risk of looking like a 70's rock star?

Both come with risks I am sure you can relate to?

After being introduced to Ouidad, I was curious about my curls and if I could live with them?

Firstly my advice to you is treat your hair to an intense moisture treatment, this will allow your curls to have the essential moisture to revert back into their natural shape.

We then need to discover what type of curl you have.

At Ouidad categorise them, loose, classic, tight and Kinky. On my first day of washing I am more loose and after a few days I move towards classic. This does blow my mind that my curls get tighter.

Here is the story of my curls, to start off with they were very weak. Swapping to sulphate free shampoo and conditioner has really made a difference to the feel of my hair. I am packing my hair with lots of moisture which is really helping to rejuvenate the curls.

I have been washing my hair every day for years and the thought of not washing my hair for 3 - 4 days would horrify me, but honestly my hair does not need it. I now drench my hair in the shower, apply conditioner and then reapply the styling products.The Ouidad styling products are water soluble, they rinse out in the shower so no product build up.

Why don't you need to wash your curls so often?

The hair's natural sebum does not travel over the peaks of the curls unlike straight hair for this reason the curls don't get greasy and actually need more moisture.

The ultimate product for your holiday curls is Ouidad Intense hydrating mask, normally I would apply every 1-2 weeks but in the intense sun the curls need more love. Just listen to your curls and give them what they want, they will be much happier and you will have much more love for your curls!

Here is my holiday curl story in images

If you would like to know more about rediscovering your curls learn more about Ouidad get in contact with me.


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