What does retail really mean for your salon?

This feels a bit like therapy for me today.

I was once told never to say the word "Retail" to a stylist! I have thought about that conversation quite a bit and to be honest it has made me quite angry. It's utter rubbish, we live for our wages to buy nice things for ourselves. We adore retail! For anyone that thinks that Hairdressers are not sales people you need to keep reading.

You can dress this up as much as you want.... call it recommendation or what ever makes you feel comfortable BUT we solve problems. We solve problems by offering solutions. Let's break this down:

Problems - My hair is grey, My hair has no body, My hair is frizzy

Solutions - Cover Grey, shape the hair to give more volume, recommend products, offer a keratin treatment.

All of this involves selling a service and products. Do you agree with me? By being scared of mentioning retail to our stylists as lead them to believe our preconditioned money mindset that has been passed down to us for years in the hairdressing industry.

Recently there was an amazing article published in HJI regarding on line retail and the survey found that 85% of people would still like to shop in store. Let's rejoice, no longer is our stock just there to be dusted, we can sell it and make a more revenue!

Do you know that selling products to your clients actually makes them more loyal?

I know over time we have all felt that we can't compete with the online discounts that are out there, you may have even given up. Perhaps stopped holding as much stock as you used to do?

Now is the time to take this back, revisit and revise the stock that you are holding as yourself why you are stocking the products that you do? Do you clients actually want them? Need them? Have you asked your clients what their biggest hair problem is at the moment and do you stock the answer? Do you hold retail that compliments your services?

I want you to start with fresh eyes and new strength, as a minimum your retail should be 10% of your weekly turnover. If it's not why are you devoting that much space to a retail area?

Most importantly - this starts with you as a leader, you need to set the targets, explain your expectations and be consistent.


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