What is education worth to you?

Obviously working in education I am going to say it's essential but let's explore why.

When I was leaving my role at ghd I started to look at education slightly differently, more in the eyes of a salon owner.

Let's pretend you have a disengaged team, perhaps they just come to work, do their job to their standard and then go home. Why should you be spending money on your team? They come back from a course, you don't see any difference, they don't share any of the information with the rest of the team.

No wonder you don't bother!

This starts with you and your standards, unless you have a process for this, what do you expect? Being a salon owner is more than a pretty instagram and opening your doors every morning. Now is the time to make sure you, the salon owner or manager is armed with all the tools that you need to grow your business.

Here are 3 ways to start today! 1. Book on a course today that will give you the tools and motivation to make the change in your business.

2. Start with your goals and understanding who your ideal client is, poll your clients to find out what they love about the salon.

3. Stop screaming to the masses and start to whisper to the right people. Stop trying to be all to everyone.

You need to step outside your comfort zone and set the goals to be the person that you want to be. The truth is though that going on a course is not going to make a change in your business.... you will!

A couple of weeks ago I attended Front Row Pro as a guest speaker at their first event in Rhodes. This was the perfect combination of business and inspiration over 2 days. The event attracted salons and stylists globally and brought a very different perspective of hairdressing culture. I had 2 talks over the 2 days. It's not only about the shows that you watch it's also about the people that you network with. We all want this industry to been seen in a more professional light and to attract more quality young stylists into the industry, so attending events like Front Row Pro is essential for you to stay connected, be inspired and for you to make the change in your business.

If I have inspired you take a look at what I have to offer here or if your ready for some coaching take a look at the business club here


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