What slips when you are busy?

I have had a super busy week which is amazing but not always great for your business, you tend to let the important bits slip when you are stretched for time.

Work out what is driving your business, whether this is social media, email campaigns or maybe direct marketing. The most important thing is to work out what this is for you, no two businesses are the same! Forget what everyone is doing, this is about you and you are unique. Most successful entrepreneurs don't' copy the competition, they make themselves different.

What to do when?

This is no quick win for this, it's all about consistency! The moment you take your foot off the pedal is the moment people will forget. There are so many products are there in the market place, why do you remember the name of a few of them but not all of them? Consistency!

Imagine the amount of times it will take you to remember a brand name, why you need it and why it is important?

Wow that is a lot of information to get over

Think about how you buy a product? You would be unlikely to spend £100+ on something that you have only seen once and not sure of the quality. When it comes to hair it's even a larger

considered purchase. This is going to effect the way we look, feel and behave so you will not do this on a whim.

Marketing can be a scary word, it feels like you need an agency or a professional to help you. Perhaps you do, perhaps you need a PR, perhaps you need a social media agency. It really depends on what your goal is, if it is about getting bums on seats you need to start in your salon and find out where your clients heard about you.

Test and learn

I love social media and 60% of my traffic is from it, but as I said earlier we are not all the same. Have an exit poll on reception and have 3 questions that will allow you to find out more about your clients.

Test and learn what works for you. Here are a few options;

Social media - targets paid ads

Emails - Build a sales funnel for your new clients and consistently email them (this can be weekly or months, whatever works for you)

Direct marketing - The old fashioned leafleting, go to car parks, coffee shops. It worked for us years ago and still can now!

Loyalty schemes - This is in the delivery and you need your stylist to be onboard with this or it will just devalue your brand.

As a business owner you need to dedicate time and money to marketing your business, if you don't someone else will come along and take your number one slot!


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