Terms & Conditions


All fees are paid directly to the artists, there is no agency fees to be paid. All bookings are to made through the artist and agree fees along with details of the day.


Travel on location:

If within a 30 mile radius there will be no travel fees. When a location booking is made, a client must provide transport for the artist both to the booking location and back again unless agreed otherwise. If the client fails to provide such transport then the Artist shall be entitled to re-charge the cost of the transport procured for the artist. If an artist on location is prevented from returning to home address to work, half the daily fee will be charged and payable by the client for each day that the artist is unable to return to home address to work.


Working Hours and Overtime:

Fees are charged by the day or by the hour. A ‘day’ is an 8-hour period (including one hour for lunch) between 9am and 6pm (eg 9am-5pm or 10am-6pm). An extra hour between 9am and 6pm is charged at the normal rate. Any overtime rates to be agreed with the artist prior to the day.


Cancellations: Education

Cancellation of a confirmed booking within 48 hours (working days) of the booking call time the full booking fee will be charged and payable by the client unless the same artist is booked within 24 hours (working day) of the cancellation in which case half the booking fee will be charged and payable by the client.The full booking fee will be charged and payable by the client for bookings of more than three working days duration: within a period equal to or less than the length of the booking. In each case payable to the artist no later than 30 days after the date of cancellation.


Complaints and disclaimer: 

Any cause for complaint must be reported to the agency by the client as soon as it arises. The Jo Robertson Hair Agency takes no responsibility hair services that are given within the educational services. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all skin tests have taken place prior to the service.

Jo Robertson hair agency can not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or injury caused to any third party.


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